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dinoDames Comics

Enter the dinoDames universe, where magic and technology intertwine in a world filled with wonder.

Venture into Asheena, a world where intrepid dino warriors embark on pulse-pounding exploits, unravel the veils of ancient mysteries, and form unbreakable bonds of friendship in a world filled with challenges.

Immerse yourself in the enthralling odyssey that unfolds through dinoDames, promising a narrative-rich experience that goes beyond the ordinary, weaving a tapestry of adventure and forging connections that resonate with the very essence of wonder.

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Support dinoDames & grab one of our Solana-based PFPs. Join the Dino family and hold one of our NFT artworks.

Your support means the world to us as we continue to create captivating stories and characters. By acquiring one of our NFTs, you not only become a cherished member of the dinoDames community but also hold a piece of our imaginative world. Explore our collection and embark on this creative journey with us!

We love animated music videos

We love amv

The dinoDames team invites you to our music lounge – a space featuring animated videos of our music mixes that bring our warrior characters to life! Relax and indulge in the ambient music experience.